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Web Design

Cases (WIP)

Simple design and well-functioning responsive websites.


graphic design


With a big diversity of projects, I always make sure to meet the clients needs and adjust my designs to fit their wants and current graphical profile.


Digital marketing

Ad campaigns

Since learning it at Hyper Island I have continuously worked with ad campaigns at Galax Media and Advokatfirman De Basso. Mainly with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.




I have been an avid photographer since 2014. Mostly for my own sake but I have done payed gigs as well. Please view my portfolio above. (external website)




I have managed several projects, mostly within non-profit organisations. During 2018 I was the chairman of the board for an organisation called SJUF in which I planned and exectued a 3 day long new years congress for 200 people together with 4 others.

It’s not only about building a website or designing a logo. It is about making a brand that is coherent across platforms and market it so that people see and remember your company.

my design


When I design websites I always make sure to meet the clients demands and preferences while also bringing my own ideas and inputs. I focus on matching the clients graphical profile or build a new one shaped by the clients needs.

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about the artist

Alex Ashman

I am a creative designer from Stockholm. I work with developing strategies for design, marketing and building websites and then do the work myself or together with other artists and developers. 

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